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Make every treatment


High quality products guaranteed

We are dedicated to giving you the best service possible in a sanitary and relaxed environment,using 5 free nail polishes which are non toxic and cruelty free.we make all scrubs,lotions,oils and all other body treatments from all natural and organic ingredients.

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Foot ritual


Enjoy a detoxifying foot soak,exfoliation of the foot and leg and a soothing and therapuetic foot massage which will help the body unwind,improve circulation and relax nerves.

45 mins $50


What are the benefits of a holistic foot ritual?

  • Removes dead skin cells

  • Boosts circulation

  • Enhances the condition of the skin

  • Eases aches and pains

  • Conditions and hydrates the skin

  • Promotes feelings of deep relaxation

  • Calms the mind, body, and spirit.











Bundle Packages



SPRAY TAN $200 SAVE $50.

Zoya Naked manicure


The NAKED MANICURE system works by instantly correcting cosmetic nail problems and delivering therapeutic benefits to nails long term.

INSTANT RESULTS are obtained through the use of the NAKED MANICURE Perfectors. The six Perfectors use optical diffusers, keratin fillers, micronized reflective color pigments and micro thin film formers to create an ultra sheer veil which ensures that the natural vibrancy of the nail is enhanced rather than concealed. The Perfectors contain a proprietary blend of finely ground pigments, vitamins and botanicals that also help to promote micro-circulation and oxygen exchange.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS are delivered through a meticulous blend of vitamins, proteins and botanicals carefully infused in theNAKED MANICURE Treatments and Perfectors that help improve the condition and appearance of the nail.

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